The Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists of South Africa (SMLTSA) was founded in 1951 after the amalgamation of the Natal, Southern Transvaal and Cape Societies.
Its purpose is to promote and regulate the profession of Medical Technology in South Africa.

Our aims and objectives are:

The SMLTSA Constitution binds all those who are members.


Mission statement

The SMLTSA is dedicated to the promotion of the aims and ideals of medical laboratory science, appropriate to the interests of the community it serves, within a comprehensive unitary health service.

It is committed to:

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How does the SMLTSA function?

Council of the SMLTSA meets once every two years. Council members are elected and serve for a four-year period on Council. From its members it elects an Executive Committee, which conducts day-to-day affairs.
There are currently twelve SMLTSA branches in South Africa and interested medical technologists can join any one of these branches.

Each branch elects its own committee, which communicates directly with the Executive Committee (EXCO) via the Administrative Office based in Cape Town. Branches are autonomous bodies acting within the SMLTSA Constitution. Any enquiries that the SMLTSA members may have can be channeled through local branch committees.

The SMLTSA is the official voice of Medical Technology in South Africa, ensuring that the viewpoint of medical technologists and the profession is adequately presented when policies are being shaped.

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Members are self-employed or are employed in Government laboratories, Blood Transfusion Services, Medical Schools and private pathologists’ laboratories.

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Professional activities

Perhaps the most important role of the society is that of acting as an advisory and consultant body in the fields of education, training and employment. Members of the SMLTSA represent the profession of Medical Technology at meetings of educational, certifying, registering and employing authorities.

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Scientific activities

Besides producing a scientific journal twice a year, the SMLTSA supports and sponsors a number of activities and special awards with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge and skills and encouraging original work by members. At regional, national and international level the SMLTSA organises congresses and trade exhibitions which provide access to the latest developments and trends in technology. At branch level, regular scientific and social functions are organised to enable members to meet and exchange views.

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Fellowship of the SMLTSA is a recognized qualification, registerable with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Fellowship is open to all Associate members and may be obtained by:

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Proven record

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